News / 29.6.2015

Helen’s Pirjo Jantunen elected as Chair of World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders

Ms Pirjo Jantunen, Environmental Adviser at Helen Ltd, has been elected as Chair of the World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders network. Her election will provide an opportunity to meet global challenges with solutions based on Finnish energy expertise.

The Future Energy Leaders network of the World Energy Council (WEC) aims to promote cross-border energy co-operation.

– The challenges in the energy sector, such as climate change mitigation, are global. That requires new kind of thinking on the part of future decision-makers and energy leaders. The chairmanship is an excellent opportunity to bring forward Finnish solutions to global energy challenges, says Lauri Muranen, Secretary of the Finnish Energy Council FinnWEC.

The mission of the Future Energy Leaders (FEL) Board is to raise the profile of the group and decide on the operational direction of FEL. The Chair of FEL was elected in a membership ballot of the Future Energy Leaders network. As the winning candidate, Pirjo Jantunen aims to develop the programme with a more inclusive and effective approach.

– The chairmanship of the network is a fantastic opportunity. My objective is to raise awareness of the programme and to improve it even further, says Pirjo Jantunen.

Pirjo Jantunen acts as Environmental Adviser at Helen. In her work, Ms Jantunen has developed Helen’s environmental and corporate responsibility issues with a particular focus on interaction and stakeholder participation in the development work. She is also editor in chief of Helen’s blog on future energy solutions.

WEC’s Future Energy Leaders programme is a global co-operation network consisting of one hundred energy experts, the membership of one third of them rotating each year. A limited number of new members are accepted by the Future Energy Leaders programme every year. It is possible to apply for membership from Finland through FinnWEC, which is the Finnish national member committee of the World Energy Council.