News / 14.1.2016

Helen helping to protect Baltic Sea

Helen has granted four new scholarships for research into the Baltic Sea environment. The scholarships continue the previously launched project to protect the Baltic Sea.

Research related to the protection of the Baltic Sea is carried out in collaboration with the City of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki, and it forms a part of the Baltic Sea Challenge launched by the Cities of Helsinki and Turku in 2007. The new thesis project comprises four different areas of research, with the subjects related to the nutrient loading of waterways, natural resource law, and the regulation of scattered loading.

The funding for the Pro gradu scholarships is organised through the Helen centenary fund.

“Helen’s objective is the comprehensive furthering of environmental protection. We work in close collaboration with various partners, such as universities and students. The Baltic Sea scholarships are a good way of furthering the protection of the Baltic Sea”, says Maiju Westergren, Environmental Director.

The purpose of Helen’s centenary fund is to promote research in the Gulf of Finland. The commemorative fund was founded in 2009, when Helen (at the time still Helsingin Energia) invested EUR 100,000 in its dedicated fund set up in conjunction with the University of Helsinki funds, as well as requesting any donations honouring its 100th anniversary to be sent to the centenary fund.

Helen has already previously granted four scholarships for environmental research on the Baltic Sea.