News / 1.12.2016

Helen to supply solar energy to Lemminkäinen

Construction company Lemminkäinen will acquire solar energy from Helen through a new service solution for the use of its residential customers moving to Sompasaari.

The construction company Lemminkäinen is currently developing a residential quarter in Sompasaari, consisting of four new apartment complexes. Construction of the first site in Sompasaari will be launched in summer 2017. Lemminkäinen is ensuring local renewable energy production specifically for these buildings by acquiring shares in Helen’s solar power production, corresponding to about 160 m2 of solar panels with an annual power production of some 21 MWh. In order to generate this amount of electricity you would need a share of some 25.2 kWp in a larger power plant. Solar power generation is assured with official certificates of origin.

– The implementation of renewable energy production in the way now agreed is an excellent choice for our Sompasaari sites. This way we will ensure a functioning and cost-effective local energy production for our housing companies, says Timo Ruuskanen who is responsible for Lemminkäinen’s housing construction in the Helsinki region.

– As part of a larger solar power plant, it is possible to produce solar energy for the customer, in this case for Lemminkäinen, with overall cost-efficiency that is as high as possible, says Project Manager Atte Kallio of Helen. – In a large power plant, the production of the panels is closely monitored and any faults are repaired quickly. In addition, the customer will not have to invest in the construction or maintenance of the power plant itself.

In the new cooperation model, Helen guarantees sound operation of Lemminkäinen’s solar power plant share for 20 years, which corresponds well to the lifecycle of a property-specific power plant.