News / 5.4.2017

Oil tank in the Jakomäki heating plant to be modified

One of the two oil tanks in the Jakomäki heating plant will be modified and the use of one will be suspended. The modification work will start in early April, and the plant will be calibrated to meet the new emission requirements in September. The heating plant will be back in full operation in December 2017.



Heating plants are needed when the consumption of heat and domestic hot water is high or, in practice, during spells of very cold weather. The Jakomäki heating plant is one of the plants that feed into the eastern district heating network in Helsinki. The plant has two 22-MW oil-fired boilers. Heavy fuel oil used as fuel is stored in two 1,100 m3 oil tanks.

In its current state, the Jakomäki heating plant does not meet the emission limit requirements, which will enter into force next year. The new fuel for the plant will be heavy fuel oil with a sulphur content of 0.5% to meet the required emission restrictions.

In connection with the modification, one of the tanks will be decommissioned and the other one will be refitted into a double skin tank by building a new, smaller tank inside the current tank. The old tank will act as a protective wall area for the new tank.

At the same time, the CO2 extinguishing system of the double skin tank will be made automatic, and the process, electrical, automation, building and HVAC modifications needed by the tank will also be made. The fire safety of the tank will also be increased by building foam extinguisher pipes for the tank. The modification work will be carried out mainly on the inside of the oil tank facility.

Transportation of supplies and the movement of workmen will increase traffic around the heating plant during daytime. In the site initialisation stage, the opening of the roof of the tank facility may cause some noise. Welding work may also cause a nuisance through odours and noise if it is necessary to boost ventilation with fans.

The modification of the oil tank ensures high security of district heat supply, promotes sustainable development of production and minimises negative environmental impacts.

We apologise for any nuisance caused by noise or odours as a result of the work.

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