News / 10.8.2017

Helen is the most sustainable brand among energy companies

Finnish people regard Helen as the most sustainable brand among energy companies according to the largest survey in the Nordic countries concerning citizens’ views on the responsibility of well-known brands. 

Helen is also the only energy company in the top 30 of the joint results for all sectors. Helen rose five places with the overall ranking being 28 (33 in 2016). Helen was ranked highest in the industry in both of the scored categories, which are environmental responsibility and social responsibility.

– Sustainability has a strong presence in Helen’s strategy, which aims for completely climate-neutral energy production. We also make a significant effort towards interaction and discussion with our stakeholders, says Pirjo Jantunen, Helen’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Helen carried out an extensive brand revamp in early 2015 when Helsingin Energia became Helen.

– In our brand work, communications and marketing, we aim to make visible the responsible work that is and has been carried out at Helen for some considerable time. The building of a brand is a long-term project, and therefore this result at this stage can be regarded as surprisingly good, says Sanna Jääskeläinen, Head of Communications and Brand Management.

According to Helen’s studies, an increasing number of consumer and corporate customers regard sustainable operations as important. At Helen, sustainability is part of all operations: development of production, product and service development, customer service, sales, marketing, and communications.


In brackets, the ranking in the overall comparison among all sectors.

  1. Helen (28)
  2. Vattenfall (40)
  3. Fortum (41)
  4. Vantaa Energy (47)
  5. Turku Energia (59)

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