News / 15.11.2018

Helen is planning a pellet heating plant in Patola

Helen is investigating the possibility of building a bioenergy heating plant in the Patola district of Helsinki on a heating plant site used by Helen. The heating plant planned for Patola will require a revision of the town plan to enable construction of a second plant at the current site.

Helen is preparing to discontinue the use of coal use by 2029 in accordance with the Government’s policy. Biomass is the fastest way to replace coal, and therefore the construction of new bioenergy heating plants in Helsinki is being investigated. The aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from energy production in Helsinki and to increase the use of renewable energy.

The plant planned in Patola is a 120-MW bio heating plant using pellets as the main fuel. The planned heating plant would be located on a site used by Helen, next to an existing oil/natural gas-fired heating plant. The construction of a new heating plant requires a revision of the current town plan in the area of the heating plant. The purpose of use or the size of the site will not change in connection with the revision of the town plan.

Presentation and public meeting on the revision of town plan

The Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki will hold a presentation and public meeting for local residents concerning the ongoing planning projects in the area at 5.30–8pm on Tuesday, 20 November 2018 at Oulunkylä Coeducational School, address Siltavoudintie 24.

The residents meeting is open to all and no separate booking or notice is necessary.

The participation and assessment scheme and material on the preparation of the plan (illustrative drawings and completed reports) will be displayed at the following locations on 19 November – 10 December 2018:

- Oulunkylä Library, Kylänvanhimmantie 27
- online at:

Helen aims to replace coal in energy production

Helen is planning to build new bioenergy heating plants in Helsinki. The planned areas are in Vuosaari, Patola and Tattarisuo. The bioenergy heating plants will replace coal use and ensure sufficient district heat supplies.

The planned heating plants would generate renewable district heat and replace coal in district heat production. The heating plants would use biofuel, such as pellets and forest chips, procured from sustainable sources.

Helen strives for climate-neutral energy production. Helen is currently investing in renewable, more distributed city energy, and bio heating plants are part of this major investment programme.


  *   Helen is preparing to discontinue the use of coal use by 2029 in accordance with Government policy.

  *   The quickest way of replacing coal is biomass, which is why Helen is planning new bioenergy heating plants in Helsinki, to be implemented in stages.

  *   In addition to Patola, there are plans for areas in Tattarisuo and Vuosaari.

  *   The plan for Patola is for a pellet-fired heating plant with a district heat output of 120 MW.

  *   Helen demands responsibility from its contracting parties in the purchase of both biomass and other fuels.

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