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Energy fee for district heat decreasing, water flow fee going up

The energy fee for district heat for the autumn season will decrease from the same period last year by 7.8% and the water flow fee will increase by 6.7% as from 1 October 2019. As a result, the total price for district heat will fall by an average of 4.2%.

As a result of the changes, the prices will be more compatible with the cost structure of district heat. Overall impacts of the changes on standard buildings in the autumn season 2019*:

In a standard detached house (0.15 m³/h) the costs will fall by 6 euros a month.

In a standard terraced house / small apartment block (0.8 m³/h) the costs will fall by 67 euros a month.

In a standard larger apartment block (2.8 m³/h) the costs will fall by 285 euros a month, in which case the reduction in costs for individual apartments is about 3.60 euros a month.

The district heat energy fee for the autumn period 1 October – 31 December 2019 will be 63,62 e/MWh.

The prices include 24% value added tax. * Standard buildings of the Finnish Energy Industries have been used in the example calculations.

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Published: 30.08.2019 09:21