News / 15.3.2019

The Helen Group’s annual report and corporate social responsibility report for 2018 have been published

 In addition to the financial statements and report on operations, the annual report includes the review by CEO Pekka Manninen, the key figures in graphs, and a review of 2018 in the Helen Group.

The report on social responsibility describes Helen’s impacts on society and the environment. The themes of the report are environmental responsibility, customer and stakeholder activities, and financial responsibility.

Helen recorded an excellent result for 2018. In electricity sales, the number of Helen’s customers reached a new record. The market price of electricity in the Nordic countries was at a high level throughout the year, rising strongly in the second half due to low rainfall towards the end of the year and the increased cost of fuels and emission allowances. For district cooling, the warm summer was unprecedented, and the cooling need doubled in July compared with the same period in the previous year. New operating models were introduced, and we were able to reduce costs and improve Helen’s competitiveness in production and maintenance by developing our operations.

In 2018, the Helen Group invested especially in increasing renewable energy in district heat production, recycling of energy with heat pumps and the security of supply in the energy networks.

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