News / 28.10.2020

Helen installs almost 50 new EV charging points utilising wind power at sports facilities in Helsinki

The number of public charging points in Helsinki will rise to well over 200 when new electric vehicle charging points are installed at 13 leisure facilities of the City of Helsinki. The new charging points will be ready for use by the end of the year. Vehicles are charged with renewable wind power at all Helen’s public electric vehicle charging points.

The new charging points will be located at the Tali, Kivikko, Oulunkylä, Vuosaari, Ruskeasuo, Mustikkamaa, Käpylä, Siltamäki and Meilahti sports parks, the Paloheinä Recreational Centre, the Itäkeskus Swimming Hall, and the car park of the Helsinki Velodrome. The total number of locations is 13, with 46 charging points in total. All charging points are semi-fast and are suitable for both electric and hybrid cars.

Helen’s public network of charging points currently consists of 166 points, which are either fast or semi-fast charging points. After the new locations have been completed, the total number of charging points will be 212.

“The charging points at the sports parks will serve visitors to the sports facilities and also the nearby residents. We are also installing charging points at areas that have not previously had an EV charging facility. This way we are able to offer our customers increasingly better and easier options for using EVs,” says Helen’s Product Group Manager Jere Jokinen.

“We recommend that people come to our sports facilities, for example, by bicycle or on foot. Of course, it is not always an option not to use a car, so it is great that there are now even more public charging points for electric vehicles. That way, our sports facilities are also helping to make Helsinki more carbon neutral,” says Sports Director Tarja Loikkanen of the City of Helsinki.

Helen aims for carbon neutrality – e-mobility is strengthened

The public charging network in Helsinki is the largest in Finland. Helen has actively developed e-mobility in Helsinki for more than ten years. In September this year, Helen also opened Helsinki’s first high power EV charger in Suvilahti.

“Helen aims for a carbon-neutral energy system by 2035. The popularity of electric vehicle use is increasing rapidly, and investing in e-mobility is one of the key measures on our path towards this target. We will expand our charging point network further, making charging increasingly easier and more sustainable than before. All Helen’s public EV charging points use wind power,” says Sari Mannonen, Helen’s Senior Vice President, Solutions & Portfolio Development.

Charging of electric vehicles is now even easier with the Helen Lataus service. The customers of Helen Lataus can utilise Helen’s extensive charging network both in Finland and abroad. The service works with one RFID tag or mobile app, and charging takes place on the basis of actual charging events without a monthly fee.

• The new EV charging points will be built at the car parks of the facilities of the Sports Division of the Culture and Leisure Sector.
• There are 13 locations, and a total of 46 charging points will be installed.
• The charging points are semi-fast, 22 kW Type 2 points, suitable for both electric and hybrid cars.
• Installation of the charging points has already been started, to be completed by the end of the year.
• The number of public charging points will exceed 210 (currently 166).

Locations of new charging points:

1. Tali Sports Park
2. Car park of Helsinki Velodrome
3. Paloheinä Recreational Centre / Paloheinä Recreational Hut
4. Itäkeskus Swimming Hall
5. Kivikko Skiing Hall / Kivikko Sports Park
6. Oulunkylä Sports Park, southern car park, Käskynhaltijantie
7. Oulunkylä Sports Park, northern car park, Hirsipadontie
8. Vuosaari Sports Park
9. Ruskeasuo Sports Park
10. Mustikkamaa Sports Park
11. Käpylä Sports Park
12. Siltamäki Sports Park
13. Meilahti Sports Park

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