News / 2.6.2020

EUR 5,000 cash prize on offer – Helen and Roni Back now in search of clubs for feel-good fest

The energy company Helen wants to support Finnish leisure activity in these uncertain economic times and launch a national campaign to this end. The campaign is searching for five sport or leisure activity clubs that know how to spread positive energy. The campaign patron is Roni Back, one of the most popular YouTubers in Finland.

As well as sports clubs and teams, various leisure activity clubs may take part, regardless of member age group or club size. The competition participants will enter a selection procedure for five clubs, each winning a EUR 5,000 cash prize as well as having their work published in Helen's social media channels.

The participants must produce a free-style video that spreads feel-good vibes and energy. Examples of the kinds of activities the clubs could organise are a smiling record contest, or cheering up the neighbourhood by picking up litter in the local park.

"Sport and leisure clubs for children and youth play an important role in sustaining a supportive atmosphere. We need such an atmosphere now more than ever, which is why we decided to join forces with Roni Back for this important cause. Through this campaign, Helen wants to show its appreciation for the passion and energy found in Finnish leisure clubs," says Sohvi Salmelin, Helen's Marketing and Communications Director.

Roni Back to select his favourites

A strong presence in the campaign is also Roni Back, one of the most popular YouTubers in Finland, who was inspired by the opportunity to support leisure activity in our country. Roni is personally familiar with club activity through his leisure pursuits of floorball, football and scouting.

"I have played football and floorball all my life. The best aspect of being involved in a team and club is the variety of people you meet and how you can learn from them about life. People from a wide spectrum of backgrounds get together in a changing room and, buoyed by a shared passion, are honed into a single team in the field – that is unique. This spring has been the longest period in my life without team sport. Thank goodness, the gang has kept in touch regardless, and of course we've kept in shape independently," says Roni Back.

Back is one of the jury selecting the winners. Votes from the public will also influence the selection.

The YouTuber believes that Finnish clubs are capable of producing brilliant video content.

"I've already seen creative videos, published in the social media by a variety of teams to brighten up the spring. So I know clubs have the pluck to jump headlong into new things, and now we even have a prize on offer, so I expect to see diverse and positive video entries!"

The winners of the competition will be published by 25 June. Their videos will be published in Helen's social media channels.

"At a time of emergency, it's important to find positivity and energy also in small things. We at Helen hope for as many entries as possible for the competition. In the campaign, we join forces with feisty clubs and share club energy nationally through Helen's social media channels," says Sohvi Salmelin.

How to enter

Stage 1: Video

Make a video that illustrates the good energy typical of your club or team!

Stage 2: Send

Upload the video to your YouTube channel and send it to us. The video is saved on our website and the public can vote for it.

Stage 3: Promote

Attracting votes improves your club's chances of being selected, as the public votes received by the videos are taken into account in the selection procedure. Voting is open until 21 June

A strong presence in the campaign is also Roni Back, one of the most popular YouTubers in Finland.