News / 5.2.2020

New electric vehicle charging points to be installed at sports centres in Helsinki

Helen will deliver 33 new electric vehicle charging points to eight locations in connection with ice halls in Helsinki and the venues of Urheiluhallit Oy. The 58 new charging points installed by Helen at 20 locations in the city centre of Helsinki during the autumn are also now up and running. This brings the total number of public charging points in Helsinki to more than 150.

The Ice Hockey Foundation, Urheiluhallit Oy and Helen Ltd have agreed on cooperation to implement new public electric vehicle charging stations in Helsinki. The first charging points outside sports venues have already been installed, and the rest will be installed by March 2020. All of the charging points to be installed are semi-fast ones.

-Helen wants to grow in electric transport and strongly expand the public charging network for electric vehicles. The sports venues are excellent locations for public charging as the average time to spend at these locations is about two hours at a time. That is long enough to give an electric vehicle a good charge level, says Helen’s Product Group Manager Jere Jokinen.

Charging points will be installed in front of five different ice halls. For example, there will be 10 charging points outside the Helsinki Ice Hall.

-We are involved in the EcoCompass environmental management system with an aim to improve our ecological performance. We have received a lot of positive feedback from users with regard to the introduction of charging points at our venues. We find it extremely important to be able to provide a service for e-vehicle users with our charging points, says Property Maintenance Manager Marko Tarkiainen of the Ice Hockey Foundation.

Four charging points will be installed in connection with the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre and another four also at the Malmi Swimming Hall.

-The charging points are an excellent addition to our services as we are committed to constantly improving our environmental performance. We have already received positive feedback from our customers with regard to the option of charging electric vehicles, says Pekka Laitinen, CEO of Urheiluhallit Oy.

Public on-street charging for over 10 years

Helen has acted as a trailblazer in the development of electric traffic in Finland. The first public on-street charging point for electric vehicles in Finland was opened in Runeberginkatu already ten years ago, and since then Helen has actively developed electric traffic in the capital region. In 2017, Helen installed Finland’s first two-way V2G charging point in Suvilahti. The public charging network in Helsinki is the largest in Finland.

Locations of new charging points:
* Helsinki Ice Hall (10 charging points)
* Hernesaari Ice Hall (1 charging point)
* Kaarela Ice Hall (4 charging points)
* Malmi Ice Hall (4 charging points)
* Paloheinä Ice Hall (4 charging points)
* Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre (4 charging points)
* Pasila Sports Hall (2 charging points)
* Malmi Swimming Hall (4 charging points)

Map of the location of public charging points in Helsinki

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