News / 1.6.2021

The City of Espoo increases the number of public charging points for electric vehicles in partnership with Helen – charging points utilising wind power are becoming more common throughout Finland

A total of 18 charging points are being installed in five residential areas in Espoo: in Tapiola, Leppävaara and the Nuottaniemi guest harbour. The charging points utilise wind power, and they are due to be completed during May. The energy company Helen is responsible for their installation.

E-mobility differs from traditional motoring in the respect that an electric vehicle is charged whenever it is convenient to do so. Public charging points offer an excellent opportunity to charge an electric vehicle while doing other things. In Espoo, there are a few public EV charging points at sports venues and shopping centres, but there haven’t been any in the street areas before.

“The use of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly more common, and therefore charging points are needed in public places in addition to housing companies and businesses. Espoo residents have actively expressed their wishes for charging points, and it is great that we are able to meet these needs after thorough consideration and a tendering process,” comments Emil Kaila, Electrical Engineer of the City of Espoo.

The City of Espoo has built and completed the necessary electricity network connections, and Helen will be able to increase the number of charging points in these areas, if necessary.

Nationwide charging network is constantly expanding

Vehicles are charged with clean wind power in all Helen’s public charging points. Helen is among Finland’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging services. The company aims to increase its public charging network throughout the country from the current 220 charging points to 1,000 points by 2025.

“This year, almost 30 per cent of registered passenger cars were fully electric vehicles or chargeable hybrids, and the number of EVs is expected to rise to 700,000 by 2030. We invest in building a nationwide charging network in order to make it even easier to drive electric vehicles throughout Finland,” says Sari Mannonen, Helen’s Senior Vice President, Solutions & Portfolio Development.

In Finland, more charging points are installed constantly especially in larger towns, along highways and in transport hubs.

“At our rapid charging points, charging is done quickly, safely and reliably. With the Helen Lataus service, customers can utilise Helen’s extensive charging network both in Finland and abroad. The service works with one RFID tag or mobile app, and payment takes place on the basis of actual charging events without a monthly fee,” explains Jere Jokinen, Helen’s Product Group Manager, E-Mobility.

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