News / 23.6.2021

Helen to upgrade energy networks in Runeberginkatu – advance notice of temporary traffic arrangements

Helen is starting extensive street works in Runeberginkatu in relation to the energy networks. Due to the worksite, there will be significant temporary traffic arrangements in Runeberginkatu between Hietaniemenkatu and Arkadiankatu. The worksite will start on 1 July and it will last until early September.

The worksite is a significant joint project of the Helen Group where the entire underground energy infrastructure (district heat, district cooling and the electricity network) is refurbished all at once. The oldest parts of the energy networks now to be upgraded were built in the 1950s. The planning of the worksite has been carried out in cooperation with the City of Helsinki, paying particular attention to the fast performance time and traffic arrangements of the worksite. By way of exception, the worksite area will be closed to traffic completely. Arrangements will be made to allow pedestrians, access to the properties and emergency vehicles to enter parts of the worksite area.

“The objective of the temporary traffic arrangements is to guarantee rapid progress of the worksite, as well as safe access to all parties. Vehicle and bicycle traffic will be directed completely around the worksite. This way, the duration of the works can be cut by up to two months,” explains Helen’s Network Manager Lauri Utriainen.

Bicycle traffic will be redirected via Lapuankatu and Hietaniemenkatu. There will also be a temporary change in the route of bus number 39 in relation to the Hanken bus stop. Cars can drive round the worksite either via Mechelininkatu or Fredrikinkatu.

With the worksite, Helen will take part in the street works of the year competition organised by the City of Helsinki.

“On this worksite we will test new ways of implementing street works. For example, in relation to traffic arrangements, we will install map signs showing redirections, and bicycle routes will be painted on the street. We hope that the Helsinki residents will provide us with active feedback on the worksite arrangements,” says Network Manager Lauri Utriainen.

The works will be carried out mainly on weekdays between 7am and 7pm. Any exceptional working times will be reported separately on the website


  • The parent company of the Helen Group, Helen Ltd, is responsible for the district heat and district cooling network in Helsinki. The subsidiary Helen Electricity Network Ltd is responsible for the electricity network in the Helsinki region and for the related services. The upgraded line section of the district heating network was built in 1957. The modernisation work will achieve significant energy savings due to the improved heat insulation properties of the new district heating pipes.
  • The oldest parts of the electricity network now to be replaced were also built in the 1950s. Preventive maintenance tasks enable repairs of any potentially faulty sections before they are visible to the customers in the form of power cuts.
  • The current district heating network is an excellent basis for all future heat production solutions.

Information about the street works of the year by the City of Helsinki (Link in Finnish)

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