News / 16.2.2021

Worksite for Helen’s bioenergy heating plant in Vuosaari to reopen, no new coronavirus cases

At the end of January, a chain of coronavirus infections was detected at the worksite of Helen’s bioenergy heating plant in Vuosaari: a total of 7 persons working for contractors tested positive for coronavirus. The worksite was closed both partly and in full until it was possible to ensure a safe working environment without further infections. The worksite has now been restarted and the work continues as normal in compliance with the coronavirus guidelines.

Employees are currently working at the worksite of the bioenergy heating plant under construction in Vuosaari, with tasks related to earth construction and the building of foundations. On Wednesday, 27 January 2021, one person working at the site under a contractor tested positive for coronavirus. In accordance with the coronavirus contingency plan, the area where the person who tested positive had been working was evacuated with immediate effect, all common areas were disinfected, and the employees who were removed from the worksite were tested for coronavirus. The worksite was kept closed until it was possible to ensure that it was safe to work in the area without further infections. All persons who had been working in the worksite were tested before returning to the site.

The worksite is currently operating as normal, and measures in accordance with the coronavirus contingency plan are complied with again in order to minimise the risk of coronavirus.

“Our proactive measures and extensive contingency plans ensure that we have a clear code a conduct also in exceptional circumstances. Luckily, due to rapid reaction we managed to stop a wider spread of the chain of infection,” says Timo Aaltonen, Helen’s director of production and asset management.

The construction work of the Vuosaari bioenergy heating plant was launched in spring 2020, and the plant is scheduled for production use for the heating season 2022–2023.

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