News / 25.1.2021

Wind-powered shared-access cars offer a new, emission-free mode of transport

There is a new way of getting around in Helsinki with shared-access cars charged with wind power. The new, emission-free mode of transport is offered by Helen and Green Mobility.

Helen is investing strongly in developing e-transport. The network of Helen’s public charging stations grew with hundred new charging points last year. Now Helen and Danish GreenMobility are together enabling ecological shared-access cars in Helsinki.

"Helsinki is a pioneer city for electric motoring, with the largest charging network in Finland. We have been actively developing the capital's electric transport for more than 10 years, and we offer nationwide charging solutions" says Helen's Sari Mannonen, Senior Vice President, Solutions Business.

The Danish GreenMobility’s cars are 100% electric and are billed per minute and per hour. First cars were seen in the streets of Helsinki at the end of last year.

“GreenMobility was created to answer the a rapidly growing need for sustainable car sharing solutions in cities. Our solution makes it possible to have access to a zero-emission car 24 hours a day without having to bother with the cost of owning a car yourself. Helen is an ideal and obvious charging partner for GreenMobility as they provide a very good infrastructure and availability in the City of Helsinki. At the same time, GreenMobility sees a strong synergy with Helen's strategy and focus on working towards climate neutrality where GreenMobility shares the same goals for green transition”, says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO at GreenMobility.

The GreenMobility shared-access cars will be mainly avail Heltborg Juul able in the Helsinki metropolitan area. There are more than 200 Helen electric car charging stations in the same area.

As electric vehicles become more common, easy-to-use services are needed

Sales of electric cars have remained on a growth curve despite the corona year, and the next car of an increasing number of consumers will run on electricity. Renting a shared-access electric car is a good way to get acquainted with electric motoring.

"Our vision is to enable new energy-era solutions for everyone, and partnership with GreenMobility is a step towards it. We offer customers convenient charging solutions, be it at a public charging point, a private charging point in the yard, for a housing company or a business," says Mannonen.

GreenMobility electric cars are charged ready for use at Helen's charging points. Each car also has a Helen Charging ID card, which allows the user to recharge the car at all Helen charging points if necessary. Taking the car to a charging point earns the user more driving time.

Electrification of transport leads towards carbon neutrality

Helen’s goal is carbon-neutral energy production by the year 2035. The popularity of electric cars is growing rapidly, and investing in e-transport is one of the important steps on the way to the goal.

“By 2050 it is expected that two-thirds of the world’s population will live in the cities. At the same time, the CO2 emissions that come from transport, traffic and idling are increasing in the cities. We can create cleaner air in the cities by changing the way we think about mobility and are used to moving around in our urban spaces. By sharing cars instead of owning them, we reduce the number of private cars on the streets and reduce climate footprint”, says Heltborg Juul.

All of Helen’s public electric car charging points use wind power. Helen’s investments in carbon neutral energy production include wind power. The investments made last year will increase its wind power production fivefold.

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