News / 30.5.2024

The green transition lowers the price of district heating for Helsinki residents

Helen's district heating energy fee for July-December 2024 and the price forecast for the energy fee for January-June 2025 have been published. The total price of district heating will decrease by an estimated 5.3% on average. The decrease is due to investments in clean energy production that replaces fossil energy production.

Helen is moving towards carbon-neutral heat production, which is increasingly based on the utilisation of renewable biomass as well as different kinds of waste and environmental heat. We will also increase the use of electric boilers in the coming years. Helen's target is to make its energy production carbon neutral by 2030 and to phase out combustion-based energy production by 2040.

"Our long-term and large-scale investments in clean energy are now starting to have a tangible impact. We are happy to be able to lower the price of district heating, making it an even more attractive option for heating homes and properties in Helsinki. Our investments in the green transition will increase to more than EUR 600 million this year, and we will stop using coal in April 2025 after the upcoming heating season,” says Timo Aaltonen, Director of Helen's Heating and Cooling business.

In connection with the publication of the energy fee prices and price forecast for the basic product of district heating, we will also launch a new fixed-term and fixed-price district heating product that enables locking the price of district heating for three years at a time. Fixed-price district heating is a great solution for customers who want to anticipate their heating costs and reduce the impact of price fluctuations.

District heating renewed

Since the beginning of 2024, the total price of district heating has consisted of the fixed fees and energy fees. The customer-specific fixed fee is determined on the basis of the annually reviewed usage power, and it remains fixed for one year at a time. The fixed fee enables the uninterrupted delivery of heat and allows us to ensure that there is enough heat for everyone, even during the coldest periods.

The energy fee varies monthly and is based on the thermal energy consumed and its price. The more a property is heated and the more hot tap water is used, the greater the consumption of thermal energy. The price forecast for the energy fee for January-June 2025 will be confirmed and the price forecast for July-December 2025 will be published in November 2024.