Purchasing panels

We can help you in the acquisition of a solar power system and panels with installation, meeting your individual needs.

We always dimension the solar panels according to need and consumption

The dimensioning is correct when you can utilise the majority of electricity you produce.

The solar panel delivery always includes an inspection subject to a fee. The inspection is carried out to estimate the optimal solution for your property. The price of the inspection will be deducted from the purchase price of the equipment.

Send a request for a quote

You can use the calculator to obtain an estimate of panel costs and yield, and you can request a quote. Contact us and book an appointment for an inspection.


Our installation engineer will inspect your roof and make an estimate of the installation costs and the output potential of the roof. The inspection is subject to a fee (€200 incl. 24% VAT), and the price will be deducted from the final delivery.


On the basis of the inspection, you will receive a specified offer for the installation of the panels and the necessary information, on the basis of which you can place an order.

Delivery, installation and support

We will deliver the panels installed on your roof and ready for production.

The solar power system includes the solar power panels, an inverter, the panel installation scaffolds and accessories for parallel installation with the roof, the cable and connectors, and system installation, connection, commissioning and delivering to the network company the notification form on the connection to the network.

Produce and use renewable energy

Make a contract with us on selling your surplus electricity. We will pay for unused electricity the hourly price of the Finland price area on the Nordic electricity exchange NordPool.