Solar power for your home

Selling surplus electricity

Draw up a contract with us on selling your surplus electricity. We will pay the market price for your electricity.

Selling surplus electricity

When you purchase a solar power system from us as a turnkey delivery, we will also take care of connecting your system to the electricity network and notifying the network company. At the same time, you can also draw a contract on selling your surplus electricity to us.

We will pay for unused electricity the hourly price of the Finland price area on the Nordic electricity exchange NordPool.

Draw up a sales contract by sending us an email to


The local distribution system operator must always be notified when microgeneration equipment is connected to the network. This ensures electrical safety also in network fault situations.

Off-grid use is automatically prevented with the equipment we supply, and therefore it meets the most typical equipment requirements of the system operator.

Prices for small-scale production

If you have microgeneration equipment, such as solar panels, you can draw up a contract with us on selling electricity that is surplus to your needs.

Order instructions

You can conclude a contract on purchasing microgeneration by completing this form. We will pay you for all your surplus electricity according to the price list.

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