Most of our electricity customers have remotely read meters. These customers are billed according to actual readings. In the district heat bill, the water flow and energy fees are itemised separately.

Billing for electricity

We meter your consumption by the hour with a remotely read electricity meter. You can see the entire billing period on the consumption bill and bill breakdown. The bill charges vary according to actual electricity consumption. If you do not yet have a remotely read meter, we will carry on sending a bill in equal instalments. You can also request billing based on readings.

Remotely read metering points are billed according to actual readings. You will only pay for electricity that you have used. 

District heat billing

We send a bill to our district heating customers once a month. Billing is based to actual energy consumption and a fixed water flow fee. The bill for even months also includes the balancing share for the previous months, based on meter readings.

The water flow fee is determined according to the contracted water flow, which is affected by the heating capacity need and heat distribution method in the property. The water flow fee is fixed.

The amount of the energy fee is determined according to fuel prices and the wholesale price index, and it is reviewed annually. In the summer season, the energy fee is only half of that charged in the winter. The price of energy can be checked from the price list.