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Questions about billing

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Electricity distribution and electricity sales are separated from one another. Your local network company is responsible for electricity distribution and will send you a separate bill, and your selected electricity supplier will also send their own bill for the amount of electricity sold. As an exception to this, Helen offers its electricity sale customers in Helsinki a combined bill with Helen Sähköverkko.

Log in to our online service where you can amend your billing data.

Go to online service for electricity customers

You can change the payment date of your electricity bill in our online service. If you are using e-invoices, please make this change also in your online bank. N.B. You can change the payment date free of charge once a year. After that, we will charge €2 for a postponement of payment date for over 14 days made through the online service and €5 when it is made by telephone. It is not possible to postpone the payment date of a bill paid by direct payment. Penalty interest is charged for bills paid after the original due date.

Postpone the bill payment date in the online service

You can find your electricity bills in our online service. If you haven't registered yet, you can do it via online bank. 

Electric energy on the electricity bill means the energy and service supplied by the electricity vendor.  In most cases, the billed amount of energy is based on the amount of electricity (kWh) used during the billing period.

Electricity distribution is carried out by a local electricity network company. In Helsinki, it is Helen Sähköverkko Oy. The task of the electricity network is to transmit the electricity produced in power plants to electricity users. The electricity network is maintained with the fees of the electricity distribution product. The reasonableness of distribution prices is supervised by the Energy Authority.

Electricity tax is paid for electricity consumption. The tax consists of the excise duty on electricity and  the strategic stockpile fee. The electricity network company charges the electricity tax to the customer  in connection with the distribution fee and passes the payment on to the state.

KWH Kilowatt-hour
The watt-hour (Wh) is a unit of energy equivalent to one watt of power for a period of one hour. When measuring the amount of electric energy, kilowatt-hours (kWh) are normally used. One kilowatt-hour is 1,000 watt-hours.

The price of electricity is made up of three elements: electric energy, electricity distribution service, and taxes. Electricity tax is charged in connection with the distribution price, and value added tax is charged in connection with the distribution price and sale price. Taxes account for over a third of the entire electricity bill. The electricity distribution price is made up of several di_erent elements. The distribution fee pays for the maintenance of the electricity network and investments in the new electricity grid. It also covers the cost of metering of electricity consumption. The costs of nationwide electricity transmission and electricity network losses are also met from the distribution fees charged.

An example of the breakdown of the electricity bill of an apartment with annual electricity consumption of about 2,000 kWh.

Electricity contracts

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If you don't have a Finnish personal identity code, you can print this form, fill it out, sign and scan it, and send it to our customer service by email. You can end the contract with the same form. 

We will send you a confirmation of contract as soon as your local electricity network company has confirmed the start date of the contract. If you have a fixed-term contract currently in force with another electricity vendor, your contract with Helen will commence when it ends.

The information on the confirmation of contract is the information current at the time of sending. If you have notified changes, they will come into force at the agreed point in time. For example, a new billing address is updated on the contract when the new contract comes into force. 

You can change your personal details easily on the contact information page (login required) or in a message. Don’t forget to give your new billing address, new surname, etc. because changes made in the Population Register Centre of Post Office are not automatically updated in our customer database.

You can become our customer by making a contract in our web shop. We will take care of all the things necessary in changing the electricity supplier. You do not have to contact the old supplier.

You electricity contract is valid for two years with fixed-term prices. When you move house, we will move your electricity contract to your new address with the same prices until the end of the contract period.

You will receive a new offer about one month before the end of the current contract period.

Electricity contracts are valid at the specified address. You may have several concurrent electricity contracts at different addresses. You may need electricity at two different addresses, for example, if you are renovating a new house but are still living at your old address.

Make your electricity contract no later than 14 days before the moving day. Then you can be sure, that electricity is connected by the time you are moving in. Draw up a new contract at the new address from the date when you want the electricity contract to start. We will also need to know when you want us to change your billing address. Your old contract will not end until you terminate it yourself or when the new customer draws up their own contract for the address. Keep your old contract valid until the day when you have completed your move and done the final cleaning.

Electricity will be disconnected at the end of the contract if the new customer has not drawn up a new contract.

If you are moving you may terminate your current contract when making a new contract for your new home in our Electricity Store.

In case you do not need a new contract, please contact our customer service or fill out the form.

If you don´t have a Finnish personal identity code, print this form, fill it out, sing and scan it, and send it to our customer service by email.

Contract, billing and reporting

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A written notice must be given on a termination of contract or a change of ownership. Please contact or call +358 9 617 2214.

Changes to billing details can be notified to or +358 9 617 2856. If you live in a block of flats, you do not need a district heating contract.

District heat billing is based on actual energy consumption and a fixed water flow fee. See further information about billing.

Find out about prices and example calculations. If you have already joined us, you can monitor your running costs in our services.

District heat energy is used for heating the premises and hot tap water, and for ventilation. Some of the thermal energy is lost, for example, through windows and doors.

You can monitor the heat consumption of your home in our Sävel Mobile service, which can be accessed with the meter and consumption site numbers stated on your district heating bill.

A consumption report and a forecast are available from the Sävel Mobile service. The customers are sent a consumption report and a cost estimate report once a year. The consumption report is posted in February and the cost estimate in August.

Sävel Mobile

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You can monitor your electricity consumption even by the hour in our Sävel Mobile service. In the service, you can also compare your consumption with other similar dwellings. In the ‘compare’ section, enter your ‘settings’ and save. 

All of the user’s contracts are shown in the Sävel Mobile service, including terminated contracts. This way, the consumption data is presented in the most extensive way, for example, when the customer has had several consecutive contracts at the same metering point.


The user can also see the data concerning any other metering points where he or she has had a contract. Only information for the duration of the contract can be viewed.

As our customer, you can monitor your electricity use in our handy Sävel Mobile service, regardless of where you live. For hourly electricity consumption data, there must be a remotely read meter installed in the property. In order to get hourly consumption data, your network company must carry out hourly metering. 

Monthly consumption is the same information that is used in billing. All metering values have been verified in them. The values are verified when the billing is performed and before this the values are based on estimations. The values can differ from the actual consumption before the verification due to the precision of the estimation.

However, hourly readings come directly from the meter reading system. The verification of hourly data is not as accurate as the billing data. However, they can be used for creation of good indicative reports on electricity consumption at the hourly level.

Billed consumption is not necessarily the consumption of one calendar month exactly. For example, the starting date may be the last day of the previous month. Therefore, the monthly consumption shown on the bill may be different from the monthly consumption of one month shown on the report.

Hourly and daily values are only shown on metering points with hourly reading. Moreover, the network company must send the readings to Helen at the hourly level so that the consumption is also shown in the Sävel Mobile service.

The metering data for the service is sought every night. Sometimes metering data is not available when it is sought for the Sävel Mobile service. The situation will be remedied in time (usually within a week): previous, missing data will also be included the next time data is sought.

Consumption entered for the hour of 10.00 has taken place between ten and eleven.

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