Environmental Electricity

Environmental Electricity is a combination of solar, wind and hydro power. It is the perfect choice for people who want electricity that is produced with renewable energy.

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An easy and eco-friendly choice

Environmental Electricity is a carefree choice for the benefit of the environment. When you opt for Environmental Electricity, you will receive 100% renewable energy with a certificate of origin, with alternating proportions of solar, wind and hydro power.

The price of Environmental Electricity follows the electricity market price trend. We will give you plenty of notice of any price changes in advance. The contract is valid until further notice with a two-week period of notice.

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What is it about?

  • Contract valid until further notice
  • The price follows the electricity market price trend
  • The price includes electrical accident insurance for the whole family
  • The origin of electricity is certified with guarantees of origin
  • The prices below include VAT 24 %. 

Environmental Electricity

Environmental Electricity is an easy and eco-friendly choice. The contract is valid until further notice.

16.39 c/kWh
Basic fee 4.74 €/mo

Origin of Environmental electricity

Environmental electricity is produced with solar, wind and hydro power and certified with a guarantee of origin. The specific carbon dioxide emissions of Environmental electricity total 0 g/kWh and the amount of spent nuclear fuel is 0 mg/kWh. See also the origin and specific emissions of all sold electricity.

The proportions of solar, wind and hydro power vary from one month to another, depending on the production conditions. The graph shows the average annual distribution of Environmental electricity.  

Energiamuoto %
Renewable sources 100

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Electricity accident cover for the whole family is included in the contract

As an electrical accident can happen to anyone at any time, all Helen’s electricity customers get free electricity accident insurance cover in connection with the contract.

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