Terms of the contract - Market Price Electricity

The contract and prices are valid until further notice. The electricity price is updated monthly and is based on the average closing price of the monthly products on the Nasdaq OMX Commodities power exchange for each month. A margin (c/kWh) is added to the electricity price. In addition, a monthly basic charge is charged. The new price for the next month is notified on the product page (www.helen.fi/markkinahintasahko) on the 15th day of the current month or on the previous working day.

The contract and prices are valid until further notice. The contract may be terminated by the customer with two weeks’ period of notice. The period of notice by the vendor is 30 days. The terms of electricity sales and the general price lists of Helen valid at any given time shall be applied to the contract. The prices include value added tax.

Market Price Electricity contract is valid until further notice. The monthly energy cost for the Market Price Electricity product is determined by the quotations from the Nasdaq Commodities power exchange. Price determination principle (for example, June 2015): The June price is reported to customers on 15 May. The price is determined on the basis of the closing rate of the month’s products for June during the period 15 April – 14 May, as well as the margin. The average value of the closing rates of the system price product (ENOMJUN) and the electricity price area differential product (SYHELJUN) are added up, and the value added tax and margin valid at the time are added to the total. The monthly price changes are reported on the www.helen.fi/markkinahintasahko page on the 15th of the previous month or the weekday before it. (In this respect, the calculation period of the average values of the closing rates changes accordingly.)

Helen is not obliged to draw up a new Exchange Price Electricity contract with the same customer or to the same place of use if the previous contract period has ended less than 12 months previously.

The offer is meant for permanent dwellings and holiday homes with a main fuse of up to 63 A.

Delivery time

The contract enters into force with the contract terms and prices valid at any given time. Delivery will start according to the start date notified to Helen by the distribution system operator. If the customer's valid fixed-term contract prevents the contract from entering into force on the desired date, the start of the new contract will be moved to the end of the current fixed-term contract, however, no later than 6 months after the original preferred sales start date.

Electricity distribution and metering

Helen shall terminate the current electricity contract with the customer’s authorisation and, when necessary, draw up a new electricity network contract in the customer’s name. The distribution system operator will charge the customer for electricity distribution according to its price list. The distribution system operator is responsible for metering and its billing. In the case of time-of-day and seasonal electricity, the place of use must have 2-rate metering. If the product on offer is not suitable for the time division used by the distribution system operator or the customer’s metering system, Helen is entitled to use a suitable product.


The customer is billed according to the billing frequency chosen by the customer.

Applicable terms 

The contract is primarily governed by the product-specific terms and then the Terms of Electricity Sales or the terms of Electricity Supply valid at any given time. The terms can be found at terms of electricity sales and terms of electricity supply.

The vendor can change the terms of the contract by sending a notification to the customer one month before the change takes effect.

Right to cancel the contract by virtue of the Consumer Protection Act

According to the Consumer Protection Act, you are entitled to cancel this contract within 14 days.

The time limit for cancelling the contract ends after 14 days from drawing up the contract.

In order to use the right to cancel the contract, you must notify us [name, the address of the place of electricity use, the metering point ID and, if available, your telephone number and e-mail address] of your decision to cancel the contract in an unambiguous way (for example, by sending a letter by post or by e-mail).

You can use the enclosed cancellation form attached to the confirmation of the contract, but its use is not mandatory.

To comply with the time limit for cancellation, it is sufficient if you send your notification on the use of the right to cancel before the end of the cancellation period.

Impacts of cancellation

Once we have received your notification of cancellation, your contract will become void.

If the contract is drawn up in connection with a house move to start within 14 days (i.e. before the end of the cancellation period) at the specific request of the consumer, the consumer is obliged to pay the contract price for any electricity they have used before cancelling the contract.

Contract confirmation

The contract confirmation is sent to the customer  primarily by e-mail.

Customer data and data protection

We process personal data according to law and in a reasonable and transparent way. Further information about the processing of personal data is available at helen.fi/personaldata