Heat for businesses and properties

Benefits of district heating

The security of supply, energy efficiency and continuous maintenance all make district heating a sensible heating solution for a discerning company.

District heating is comfortable and effortless

The heating system does not require adjustment. We monitor the distribution network 24 hours a day and maintain it regularly. We also monitor the property’s energy consumption continuously and report to the customer if we detect any potential faults.

District heating is not time-consuming or require constant operation. In the installation, the control system of the heat distribution centre is set to meet the property’s needs, and the system does not require any further adjusting after that. If necessary, we provide support and advice on all heating-related matters.

Steady temperature at all times

District heating provides a steady indoor temperature at the desired level which is not dependent on the outdoor temperature. Room temperature can be automatically controlled using underfloor heating or radiators. This takes into account the warming effects of the sun, people and equipment which are not always evenly distributed across the premises.

District heating guarantees secure supply

The interruptions in district heating supply are only 2–3 hours a year per each customer. Thus, the security of supply is one of the most significant benefits of district heating, according to our customers.

We supply district heating securely using an underground network. The key connections are in tunnels deep in the rock, which provides security of supply. The production has been distributed into dozens of production points in different city districts, and production interruptions are covered by extra reserves. Help is at hand in case of a distribution interruption.

Warm water is always available, because warm water circulates continuously in the property's heating system. Thanks to the circulation, warm water is always equally quickly available in all the water points of the property.

Pricing of district heat is stable

The price formation of district heat is transparent and changes are easy to forecast, which brings financial security. Our district heating production is distributed and utilises various different energy sources depending on what is most cost-efficient.

District heat reduces consumption

District heat helps to improve energy efficiency. We are happy to offer our expertise for larger energy-saving measures.

We produce district heat in the same process with electricity. Thus, it is unquestionably the most energy-efficient heating method in an urban area. The energy efficiency of district heating is based on its low primary energy factor and its efficiency rate; in other words, less fuel is needed for its production than in other heating methods.

District heat prevents streets from becoming slippery

District heating is an energy-efficient and unobtrusive way of keeping pavements and tram lines clear of ice. Thus, for example, Aleksanterikatu shopping street in Helsinki city centre is clear of snow through the winter. Please contact our specialists, and we will find out the best solution for you to keep roads and yards clear of snow and ice.