Heat for businesses and properties

District heating solutions

District heating is a long-term investment for a company. We are always there in various situations ensuring that everything works as it should.

District heating services for different situations

You will receive your company’s heating as a turnkey service. We will ensure that heating is available and that maintenance is attended to. In addition, we offer services for various other needs and situations.

  • We inspect in advance the installation plans and installation of district heating equipment.
  • We are in charge of the quality control of equipment during commissioning and when equipment is upgraded.
  • We monitor the condition of the equipment in connection with our maintenance service and through remote reading, and offer our help when needed.
  • We offer you advice if you have any technical problems.
  • We provide our expertise when changes and repairs are carried out. It is recommended to improve energy efficiency in connection with any repairs.

Best district heating expertise in Europe

We provide you with over a hundred years of experience in the energy sector. You have the direct or indirect use of over 1,000 experts, as well as our extensive and capable partner network. Together we are the leading district heating and cooling expert in Europe.

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