News / 3.10.2013

Help the environment with little effort – visit Energy Gallery in Energy Awareness Week

Helsingin Energia’s Energy Gallery provides food for thought for the Energy Awareness Week on Saturday 5 October.

At the new energy exhibition, you can try things out and learn in a concrete way how each of us can make a difference to benefit the climate with little effort in our daily lives. At the same time the energy bill is reduced, too. The exhibition in Sähkötalo, Helsinki, is open 10.00 – 15.00.

Small-scale solar power production brings savings to the energy bill

The Energy Gallery also provides an opportunity of learning about small-scale solar electricity production, which is a concrete method of producing practically emission-free energy for one’s own use in the home. Any surplus electricity can be sold to Helsingin Energia.

On the Helsingin Energia website, you can work out an estimate of the volume of solar electricity you might be able to generate in your own property. Helsingin Energia’s solar panel package is well suited both for a main residence and a holiday home connected to the electricity network. The lifecycle of the panels is a good 30 years, and they are practically maintenance-free. Small-scale solar electricity production increases the value of the property, as well as the customer’s independence from electricity price fluctuations. Monitoring of consumption is also more accurate.

Update your energy-saving information

The Energy Gallery offers a chance of updating home energy saving information on Saturday 5 October. Remember that a shower is a good choice instead of a bath. One bath is equivalent to five showers in terms of water usage. A one-degree reduction in home temperature corresponds to 5% of the home’s annual energy consumption. Home entertainment electronics kept on stand-by form 3-10% of household electricity consumption.

During the Energy Awareness Week, the Energy Gallery also provides information on the effect of lighting and bulb choices on energy consumption on Monday 7 October and on energy-efficient heating on Tuesday 8 October. Both info bulletins are held twice a day, at 13.00 and 15.00.

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