News / 22.11.2013

Helsingin Energia receives commendation in Corporate reputation and accountability 2013 -study

Helsingin Energia was today awarded a commendation as a business that has successfully fostered its image of an accountable company. Helsingin Energia also made the top ten companies in terms of reputation.

The commendations were awarded to three Finnish companies that did best in the research project entitled "Yritysten maine ja vastuullisuus 2013", implemented by TNS Gallup. The study showed that the companies have furthered accountable business operation through their activities in Finland.

On the basis of the research material, there would seem to be a clear link between a company’s accountability image and its reputation. If the accountability image has received a knock in some respect, it is often the greatest contributing factor in the decline of overall reputation. Similarly, positive publicity in the areas of economic, social or environmental accountability or ‘mere’ irreproachable conduct in an otherwise turbulent operational environment is often the factor that has improved the overall reputation.

Accountability is perceived as more multifaceted than before. Citizens’ spontaneous interpretations most commonly link corporate accountability to environmental matters, but also to companies caring for their personnel and economic or taxation themes.

The study comprised 59 Finnish companies in various sectors and was now conducted for the fourth time.

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