News / 16.1.2013

Pioneering project replaces conventional street lights with LED lights

The street lighting in the western Herttoniemi housing area in Helsinki is now realized energy-efficiently with about 100 LED street lights. The pioneering street lighting upgrade project is the first in Helsinki where LED street lights are extensively used to light roadways.

The upgrade project aims to provide pleasant and safe lighting, as well as achieving energy savings. According to residents, the area’s street lighting has improved.

The lighting reform was supported by a concurrent project to lay electrical cables under the streets, whereby streets had to be dug up facilitating the street lighting upgrade.

“We are now gathering experiences in LED lighting, reviewing the lights used in this project and the use of LED lighting in general in a wide area,” says Jouko Manninen of Helsinki’s energy company Helsingin Energia.

“We’re also developing interaction with customers. We have studied the reform with a questionnaire for customers, and the feedback has mainly been very positive.”

In addition to Helsinki roadways, parks and squares, many of the city’s main buildings, bridges and statues are also lit. Helsinki is illuminated by a total of 85,000 light sources.