News / 4.11.2013

Graffiti wall around new substation

The housing and workplaces that are currently under construction in Kalasatama in Helsinki will also need more electricity. The building of a new substation for the area will be launched in spring 2015.

The substation will boost the distribution capacity needed by the new residential areas and it will also ensure the security of electricity supply in the surrounding areas.  

The location of the new substation in a central Helsinki area posed high-grade requirements for the cityscape in terms of obtaining the building permit, and these were taken into account in the architectural design of the buildings. For example, the building will be surrounded by a living graffiti wall, providing an excellent, prominent space for creative city art. The technical design of the substation was based on solutions that are as energy efficient as possible, with the cooling system of the main transformers being a good example. The excess heat produced by the cooling of the transformers is captured and utilised in the heating of buildings.

Helen Sähköverkko Oy invests annually EUR 40–50 million in the development of the electricity network in the Helsinki region. Investment is required for the needs of the growing city and for the upgrade of the electricity network. It is also used for improving the security of supply in the electricity network.