News / 3.12.2014

Helsingin Energia to become Helen Ltd

As from 1 January 2015, the Helsingin Energia public utility will become Helen Ltd. The company’s operations and services will remain unchanged, and no action is required on the customers' part. The change is based on the City of Helsinki’s decision to incorporate the Helsingin Energia public utility.

Helsingin Energia’s current business operations will move to Helen Ltd with the exception of outdoor lighting operations in Helsinki. The company will be fully owned by the City of Helsinki.

– Our name will change, but our operations will basically remain the same. Our customers are happy with our services, and we want to promote this also in the future by developing our products and services in a diverse way, says Managing Director Pekka Manninen.

Helen Ltd, which will launch its operations from the beginning of the year, will be among Finland’s largest energy companies in terms of its net sales and number of customers. Over 90% of properties in Helsinki are heated with district heat, and the popularity of district cooling continues to rise. Helen Ltd will sell electricity to households and companies throughout Finland. 

Helen aims for a carbon dioxide neutral future. In energy production, the company is already using over ten energy sources and a number of different production methods.  The energy sources utilised include water, wind, the sun, heat from purified waste water, and cold sea water. The energy-efficient CHP plants use natural gas and coal, as well as wood pellets from the beginning of next year.


  • Company name as of 1 January 2015: Helen Ltd

  • Business ID as of 1 January 2015: 2630573-4

  • The bank account numbers will remain unchanged

  • The services, places of business and contact details will remain unchanged