News / 7.3.2014

NCC is Vuoden Kauko

NCC was awarded with the Vuoden Kauko special mention in the annual district heating and cooling stakeholder seminar in Helsinki on Tuesday, 4 March 2014.

Every year on the name day of Kauko, Helsingin Energia’s experts in district heating and cooling give the award of Vuoden Kauko, or Kauko of the Year, to a person or organisation promoting the use of eco-efficient district heating and cooling in their operations. Vuoden Kauko 2014 was awarded to the Nordic construction group NCC whose representative Tero Estovirta, Managing Director of NCC Property Development, accepted the certificate of honour at Helsingin Energia’s Kaukonpäivä stakeholder seminar in the Helsinki Bourse Club.   According to the reasons for selecting NCC, the company has been a beacon and trailblazer in construction projects in Helsinki. It has created innovative energy solutions, in which the project developer, constructor and end customer have implemented responsible long-term solutions in close cooperation with the energy company.

In Helsinki, the buildings function as part of the smart energy system in a unique way, using the district heating and cooling systems to capture and utilise the waste energy of properties in the most efficient way possible. Connecting properties to the highly efficient CHC (Combined Heat and Cooling) system minimises the total environmental impacts of the properties and raises the efficiency of urban construction to new heights. With district heat and cooling, NCC has been able to offer high-standard indoor climate conditions for the end users of properties while bringing energy efficiency to a completely new level.

-    Vuoden Kauko commendation is a concrete proof of NCC’s long-term strategy for sustainable development. Helsingin Energia has acted as an innovative partner in our projects, contributing to the implementation of our strategy and the development of the entire industry, says Managing Director Tero Estovirta of NCC Property Development. -       Vuoden Kauko was awarded now for the eleventh time, says Marko Riipinen, Director of Helsingin Energia’s Heating Markets business. The Kaukonpäivä seminar and the Vuoden Kauko award are our way of exchanging information and experiences with the developers and users of district heating and cooling systems that promote energy efficiency.

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