News / 26.5.2015

Co-operation between Helen and EuroPark Finland – four new charging points for electric vehicles in Helsinki

Four new charging points for electric vehicles have been opened in the P-CityForum multi-storey car park in the Helsinki district of Kamppi. The new charging points have been implemented in co-operation with Helen Ltd and EuroPark Finland Oy.

Services for electric vehicle users will improve considerably with the new CityForum charging points. The good location of the indoor car park and the pleasant environment throughout the year ensure a good charging experience.

– Helen has Finland’s largest urban network of on-street charging points. With these new charging points, we are also expanding Helen’s electric vehicle services to parking garages, explains Perttu Lahtinen of Helen Ltd.

– We are constantly developing our parking services. The charging points in CityForum are a good example of new services, for which there is a growing need, says Christer Hede of EuroPark Finland Oy.

Helen’s public charging network now consists of a total of 39 charging points for electric vehicles in different parts of Helsinki, and it is Finland’s largest urban network. There are public on-street charging points, e.g. in commuter car parks near train stations. All Helen’s charging points are part of the nationwide Virtapiste network, including the new CityForum charging points.

The P-CityForum charging points are located in area F in the lower level of the multi-storey car park. The charging points offer an option for slow (3.6 kW) and more efficient (17.2 kW) charging. The price of charging is €0.5 per hour with the slow option and €1.0 per hour with the faster option, plus electricity 0.15 c/kWh according to consumption. In addition to this, a normal parking fee is also charged.

• P-CityForum is open from 6am until midnight (exit open 24 h) EuroPark P-CityForum
• The use of Helen’s public charging points requires registration with the Virtapiste service
• Helen’s charging points presented on a map
• The Virtapiste app can be downloaded free of charge from app stores, and you can register as customer at
• Helen Ltd is a shareholder of Liikennevirta Oy which administers Virtapiste, ownership 10%
A photo of the new charging points is available in the media bank through this link.