News / 2.4.2015

Against climate change with Korkeasaari

Helen and Korkeasaari joined forces. Even though their functions are different, a challenge shared by both organisations is climate change. For arctic animals, the effects of climate change are already seen.

There is no single effective solution for curbing climate change, but it is a case of combining many solutions. Helen searches for and develops solutions in open cooperation with a variety of operators. At the start of this year, Helen launched a joint project with Korkeasaari Zoo. The collaboration will be evident in many ways in the operation of both Helen and Korkeasaari. The campaign starts at Easter and continues through the year 2015.

At Easter, Korkeasaari opens a new way of seeing the animals: the energy animal trail, constructed jointly with Helen and offering practical and easy tips related to energy consumption. A group photo can be taken with the energy animals in front of Amazonia House and shared using the hashtag #energiaeläin.

The purpose of the fun test is to inspire both children and adults to think about their own energy consumption. The world will not be saved by turning out lights, but we hope that everyone will find a way to save energy that suits them,” says Helen’s Pirjo Jantunen.

Korkeasaari joins in a concerted campaign by zoos for polar nature

‘Pole to Pole’ is a joint campaign of zoos on behalf of the unique nature of the polar regions. The campaign is about the diversity of nature in the polar regions and its vulnerability to environmental change. The polar ambassadors – polar bears and penguins, as well as other polar fauna – are exposed to global warming, which results from the increased volume of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere. Global warming resulting from the greenhouse effect is likely to raise the average global temperature by the end of the century by just under two to six degrees.

Because the climatic changes are produced by human activity, the keys to the solution are also in the hands of humanity. Decisions made together and small actions are a start. Sustainable daily choices, such as turning off lights, setting the thermostat lower or favouring vegetarian food and cycling are examples of first steps that will take the cause forward. The melting of the icecaps must be stopped!