News / 9.2.2015

Veikko, Kurkihirsi or Viikin portti?

The popularity of the name competition for the Viikinmäki landscape portal surprised us. Good name suggestions have flooded into both the blog and Facebook.

At the start of this week, Helen Sähköverkko Oy announced a competition to find a name for the Viikinmäki landscape portal. Right from the start, the competition has broken the blog’s daily visitor records. The blog has received a couple of hundred name suggestions and Facebook more than a hundred.

The Viikinmäki landscape portal continues the theme begun in 2003 by Antti’s Footsteps, the five landscape towers in the sea area fronting Töölö. As the Viikinmäki switching substation with its power lines stands in a very prominent position, the planning was done with particular attention on the visual aspects.

The name competition seeks to draw Helsinki residents into active interaction.
“The 50,000 motorists driving along Lahdenväylä every workday pass, perhaps without realising, an important site for the Helsinki electricity network. The name competition will create visibility and recognition for the landscape portal. We were pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the contest,” says Markus Parviainen, Manager of Investment Projects at Helen Sähköverkko Oy.
The new landscape portal is part of the major reconstruction project of the Helsinki power network at Viikinmäki. The adjoining switching substation has also been completely rebuilt. The landscape portal was awarded the 2014 Steel Structure of the Year prize.