News / 19.10.2016

Helen shows the way in energy efficiency

On 14 October, Helen was among the first companies to sign the new Energy Efficiency Agreements for the years 2017-2025. At the same time, Helen showed the way in energy efficiency by launching its new energy saving service, Heat Pledge.

“Voluntary energy sector agreements are the ‘Finnish model’ for fulfilling international energy efficiency obligations, and they have achieved good results. Helen reached its own previous targets early, and although the new targets are even more challenging, we are enthusiastically joining in the new agreement term,” says Energy Efficiency Manager Rauno Tolonen from  Helen.  

Immediately on entering the new agreement, Helen launched a new energy saving service aimed at households, Heat Pledge, enabling the people of Finland to play a part in improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions. In practice, those making the Heat Pledge undertake to reduce the heating in their homes for a few days during the coming winter, so that the largest spikes in energy consumption may be reduced.  

In the future, new energy solutions like Heat Pledge will help to reduce energy consumption, even out consumption peaks and reduce emissions. So, it is not merely a matter for agreement, but most definitely also implementation of Helen’s new strategy, whereby growth is sought through new services and products.  In fact, energy efficiency will increasingly be more of a business activity than agreement activity.

Helen’s energy efficiency among best in the world  

Combined heat and power generation together with district heating and rapidly growing district cooling form the foundation of an energy-efficient energy system in Helsinki. Thanks to cogeneration, our energy efficiency ranks among the best in the world.

The efficiency calculated for the energy balance sheet of the whole Helen Group is 88.6 per cent. We aim to make further improvements to the efficiency of energy production and distribution, as well as promote energy saving by our customers. In production and distribution, energy efficiency is specifically a route to cost-effectiveness.     


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