News / 18.10.2016

Helen invites you to make a Heat Pledge

Helen is launching a nationwide Heat Pledge campaign to reduce emissions in connection with consumption peaks in the winter. The Heat Pledge is also the first publication in Helen’s new Enne service aimed at consumers interested in responsible energy use.

The objective of the Heat Pledge campaign is to get people to commit to a small change in their veryday lives. In practice, those who make the Heat Pledge promise to reduce the heating in their homes over a few days this winter in order to decrease the highest spikes in energy use. During a consumption peak, people who have made a Heat Pledge will receive a message with more detailed instructions.

The Heat Pledge enables more efficient energy production when consumption increases. If, for example, 10,000 people momentarily reduce the temperatures in their homes, the emissions produced by heating are decreased by an amount corresponding to 10,000 litres of oil.

The Heat Pledge offers Finnish people a concrete way of doing their bit on climate change mitigation. The campaign is part of Helen’s strategic target to be a climate-neutral energy company by 2050.

– We are taking a step towards a new kind of two-way energy system. We also want to test the flexibility of the energy system and the consumers’ willingness to take part in demand response. We hope this will become a nationwide phenomenon that attracts and inspires as many people as possible to take action, says Helen’s President and CEO Pekka Manninen.

Enne is a development platform for smart energy solutions

The energy system will change as a result of climate change, new energy technologies and digitalisation. Helen wants to introduce new options to the energy market and to involve consumers in the development of services.
The Heat Pledge is the first publication of Helen’s new digital online service called Enne. Members of the service receive useful tips for energy consumption and instructions on how to improve the efficiency of their energy use. With these tips, it is easy for anyone to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. The Enne service is available for everyone to join, regardless of their location or type of home. Members of the service are given an opportunity to have a say on future energy solutions and to be among the first to test these solutions.

– People often feel that their own actions have no impact on energy production as a whole. In the Enne service, we test different solutions together with customers and give visibility to the fact how even small deeds have a significant impact on overall consumption as long as a sufficient number of people take the commitment, says Perttu Lahtinen, head of Helen’s Energy Solutions unit.
For Helen, the Enne service and the Heat Pledge are a step towards a smart energy society of the future where customers are engaged as active participants in various energy production solutions.

Heat Pledge

As energy consumption increases when the weather gets colder, a person who has made the Heat Pledge will receive a message asking to reduce the temperature in their home. When, say, 10,000 people do this simultaneously, the emissions produced by heating are reduced by an amount corresponding to 10,000 litres of oil. The Heat Pledge is part of Helen’s new Enne service. It is free of charge and available to all households in Finland. www.lämpö

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