News / 10.8.2016

More renewable energy through partnership

Helen is seeking new partners for local renewable energy production projects. Selected project partners will receive a total of EUR 50,000 in financial aid.

Helen’s renewable energy support campaign is aimed at the public sector, associations and communities, and to businesses operating in the utilities sector. The objective of the campaign is to increase renewable energy production together with the project partners.

- We are seeking public actors or private businesses operating in the utilities sector wishing to use renewable energy in their own operations and business premises in the Helsinki region, explains Helen’s project manager Niko Willman. – We hope that through the public application procedure we can find partners and project areas that may otherwise be overlooked.

Helen will carry out the necessary investigations to choose a suitable microgeneration system and deliver it with a service model, which is to be agreed on with the project partner. The project partners, in turn, will designate a suitable installation site for the system in their property and draw up a service contract on system acquisition with Helen. The additional aid offered by the campaign will reduce the price difference of renewable energy and purchased electricity. The agreed service model will also enable acquisition of the production system without major one-off investment.

Project funding utilises the funds accrued in Helen’s Environmental Penny account, which Helen has generated together with its customers. The principle of the Environmental Penny project is to spend the proceeds of the account in full on energy investments that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and on increased use of renewable energy production forms. Now, the funds accrued in the Environmental Penny account enable the introduction of local production and promote climate-neutral energy economy.

Helen makes significant investments in renewable energy and distributed energy production

Helen's Suvilahti power plant, which started production last year, has been built with the proceeds of the Environmental Penny project. Helen has also made other major investments in renewable energy and distributed energy production: for, example, a pellet-fired heating plant in Salmisaari and a new industrial-scale heat pump plant are currently on the drawing board.

- A climate-neutral energy system is built together with customers with small and large steps. Local microgeneration makes renewable energy visible to the city residents and even closer to the end users of energy, Willman points out. 

Further information: Niko Willman, Project Manager, Helen Ltd, tel. +358 40 126 2352


  • The customer pledge of Helen’s Environmental Penny project is to spend the funds of the Environmental Penny account on further construction of eco-efficient energy production.
  • The Environmental Penny funds ensure funding for new microgeneration sites.
  • The maximum amount of aid is 30% of the price of the microgeneration system.
  • In addition to Helen’s campaign aid, a project partner may receive investment aid for renewable energy, applied from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.
  • Project partners pay Helen for the service they receive in accordance with the service model developed in the project.

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