News / 10.8.2017

Helen is seeking partners for pilot project in the balancing power market

The pilot project examines the economic benefits gained when a company or property is using a back-up power generator suitable for balancing electricity generation.


Renewable solar and wind energy is gaining more ground in electricity generation. In future, all possible demand response potential, also that related to electricity users, will be needed in order to balance consumption and production.

Helen is involved in the aggregation pilot project for the balancing power market coordinated by Fingrid. The project focuses on the possibility of sites capable of balancing their electricity consumption or production to take part in the maintenance of the power balance in the electricity system.

The pilot aims, e.g. to gain practical experience in submitting aggregated bids, registering the sales and handling the imbalances and information exchange between parties in the balancing power market. Companies involved in the pilot will benefit from the use of their own back-up power generators in the balancing power market:

  • machinery with a low utilisation rate can be put to lucrative use to build a climate-neutral future
  • test runs of reserve power are managed in a flexible way in connection with the pilot project 
  • the company receives a fair compensation
  • participation in the pilot project is a responsible deed: it supports the electricity infrastructure and balances the network.

The pilot is the responsibility of the grid company Fingrid Oyj, and Helen is responsible for directing the use of back-up power generators. Helen acts as an aggregator and forms a virtual power plant out of the companies’ back-up power generators, the capacity of which will be offered to the balancing power market. The companies need not be Helen’s electricity customers.