News / 16.3.2017

Helen builds more solar power

Helen is building new solar power plants on the properties of business customers.The customer provides the facility for the power plant and will, in turn, be able to take advantage of the electricity generated by the plant.

Helen strives for a climate-neutral future in a number of different ways. Helen is increasing the share of decentrally produced renewable energy in its own production, but customers can also contribute to its growth.

With Helen’s solar power, corporate customers will gain all the benefits of their own solar energy without having to make capital investments themselves. Electricity produced by their own power plant is usually cheaper than obtaining it from the electricity network.

Helen takes care of the implementation, financing and maintenance of the plant.

- For businesses, this is the most risk-free alternative possible. The customer purchases electricity from a power plant located in its own property. If the sun doesn’t shine and there is no electricity, there will be no charge either, says Helen’s manager of solar business Atte Kallio. - The price of solar power generated by the customer’s own power plant is usually lower than electricity purchased from the network. As a rule, this requires a roof space of over 1,000 square metres, accommodating about 400 solar panels. For smaller roof surfaces, e.g. leasing or turnkey solutions are more suitable.

Helen always seeks the most cost-effective and suitable power plant for every site with the help of its network of partners.

Helen is a forerunner in the utilisation of solar energy

With its own solar power plants in Kivikko and Suvilahti in Helsinki, Helen is among the biggest solar power producers in Finland. As a result of its solar power plants, Helen was the first company to launch a designated panel concept, in which anyone can start producing solar power by renting their own panel.

Helen has also built dozens of large and small solar power plants for its customers, for example, on the roof of the Otavamedia offices in the Pasila district of Helsinki.

- People are interested in solar energy, and we have several power plant projects under way in various parts of the country, Kallio explains. - A solar power plant without capital investments by the customer is a great addition to Helen’s solar energy services. As with the designated panels, this is an extremely carefree way for the customer to produce solar power as this way they don’t need to tie capital and resources outside their core business. Our corporate customers will also gain financial benefits from the solar plant: their electricity bills will be smaller and the products and services implemented with solar energy can be viewed as a selling point, Kallio points out.

Further information: Atte Kallio, Head of Solar Business, Helen Ltd, tel. +358 50 3464118



  • Helen implements, finances and maintains a solar power plant built on the customer's premises, and the customer takes advantage of the electricity produced by it.
  • No capital or investment required by the customer.
  • The service fee is tied to the yield of the solar power plant – if the plant does not produce electricity, the customer pays nothing.