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New district heating service saves energy

Helen is launching a new district heating service on the market: a smart heat distribution centre saves energy and reduces heating costs for residents. The smart heat distribution centre creates equal indoor conditions for all apartments of a housing company.

The heat distribution centre is the most important piece of equipment in a housing company's heating system, and it needs to be replaced at regular intervals. The equipment transfers energy from the district heating network into the building, heating the apartments and tap water.

Helen is offering a new service concept to housing companies, including the replacement of the heat distribution centre, equipment maintenance and repairs, and optimisation of the indoor conditions in the building.

A smart control system will improve the building's energy efficiency and ensure a suitable ambient temperature for the residents.

"A smart heat distribution centre differs from an ordinary heat distribution centre in the sense that it provides exactly as much heat as is necessary, not too much and not too little. Apartment sensors installed in the furthest apartments in a housing company measure the appropriate amount of heat for the building in question," explains Helen's Product Specialist Sanna Käyhkö.

"With this service, the residents of the housing company are in a more equal position when all apartments will have an optimal temperature. Previously, some apartments may have been too cold and some too warm," Käyhkö adds.

The service is based on a monthly fee with a fixed price. The housing company will not need a separate initial investment. Helen takes care of everything related to the heat distribution centre throughout its life cycle.

Savings in energy costs

A smart heat distribution centre uses heating energy considerably more efficiently than the older equipment. When the indoor conditions of an apartment are managed, excessive heating is also avoided and the housing company will gain considerable savings in heating costs.

Due to the smart heat distribution centre, a housing company will save at least 5 per cent in its energy costs and, depending on the conditions, the saving may be even higher.

"We offer this service mainly to housing companies consisting of apartment blocks, which are planning to replace their heat distribution centre," says Sanna Käyhkö.

"The service is also aimed at developers of new buildings. We are interested in the life cycle of buildings. What could be better for a resident than a home where they don't need to worry about the heating system and the indoor temperature has been optimised to the highest standard."

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