News / 14.5.2019

New electricity supply terms and conditions 1.7.2019

Helen is adopting the reformulated general electricity supply terms (STE2019), recommended for the sector by Finnish Energy, as from 1 July 2019.

The reasons for making changes to the terms are the fundamental changes in circumstances, updating of outdated contract or pricing arrangements, and implementation of necessary energy-saving measures.  

The formulations and terminology of the definitions contained in the terms have been harmonised with other terms and the Electricity Market Act. In addition, sections of the law have been updated and references to specific sections replaced with general references to legislation. The text formulations have been clarified and any spelling errors corrected.  

See new electricity supply terms  

Updating of the electricity supply terms demands no action from customers. Consumers have the right to terminate their electricity contract within 30 days of receiving notification of the changes in the electricity supply terms. In cases of other users than consumers, the corresponding period is 15 days. The right to terminate does not apply to customers with a fixed-term contract. For customers with fixed-term contracts, the new contract terms come into force immediately after the current contract period has ended.