News / 30.1.2019

Helen is recruiting a worksite cyclist to improve worksite traffic arrangements

The tasks of the worksite cyclist, who will be hired for the summer, will include testing of worksite traffic arrangements by cycling and walking, promoting traffic fluidity and communicating about worksites. With this new role, Helen is investing in the development of worksite traffic arrangements.

 The worksite cyclist will improve traffic arrangements on site and, when necessary, direct pedestrians and cyclists. The cyclist’s observations will be used in the development of the worksite planning process.

“We are constantly developing worksite arrangements. The worksite cyclist will provide us with a better picture of the worksite traffic arrangements from the viewpoint of cyclists and pedestrians moving around town,” says Helen’s Construction Manager Lauri Utriainen.

Helen also wants to develop communications about worksites in a more proactive direction. The tasks of the worksite cyclists include communicating about worksites in social media.

“Discussing worksite traffic arrangements with local residents out and about and on Twitter is part of the job description of the worksite cyclist. We can use the feedback received by the worksite cyclist in our work on making the traffic arrangements more fluent,” Utriainen continues.

Busy worksite season underway

In the winter and spring, there will be more than usual refurbishment, renewal and construction work carried out on the electricity and district heating network in Helsinki in anticipation of Finland’s EU Presidency starting in July. The works are part of normal network maintenance to ensure that homes will be kept warm and the lights switched on.

Applications for the summer job are accepted until 24 February at

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