News / 6.10.2023

A hydraulic Fishheart fishway to the Ahvenkoski hydropower plant

Helen’s subsidiary Oy Mankala Ab will install a hydraulic Fishheart fishway to the Ahvenkoski hydropower plant located along the Kymijoki river in spring 2024. The Fishheart unit of the system was installed under the hydropower plan this autumn. The aim is to clarify the optimal location for the fishway’s entrance.

The purpose of the Finnish innovation is to enable migratory fish, such as salmon and trout, to reach their natural spawning areas and, thereby, support the biodiversity of the local environment. 

Fishheart operates like a human heart

The Fishheart system will be installed downstream of the power plant. The floating solution enables positioning that is optimally located along the fish migration routes. The automatic system of the device controls the pumps and valves so that fish can safely pass over the dam of the power plant. The operating principle of the device is rather simple: One chamber stays open and attracts fish to the system while the other chamber elevates the fish with the water. Once the system’s image detection programme identifies a fish inside the unit, the elevation process is initiated.

The hydraulic fishway has been successfully used in power plant conditions. The authorities have assessed the condition of fish and concluded that the fish were in excellent condition after passing through the fishway.

Helen Group is committed to safeguarding biodiversity. Our aim is to understand the environmental impacts of energy production throughout their entire life cycle and adjust our operations in order to maintain biodiversity. We also strive to develop hydropower production, among other things. The Fishheart fishway to be installed at Ahvenkoski is one of these development measures.

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