Hohde solar power plant

Produce renewable electricity using the advanced technology of a Hohde power plant. Hohde provides an excellent conversion efficiency, along with a power output guarantee. It ensures efficient electricity generation from your solar power plant, particularly in high temperatures. To learn more about the Hohde solar power plant and contact us, see the end of this page.

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Hohde is a solar power plant supplied by Helen, consisting of n-type HJT solar panels. The conversion efficiency of the panels, which means their output relative to the area, is higher than that of conventional solar panels. They provide an excellent power output guarantee after 25 years of use. Thanks to next-generation technology, the panels have improved heat tolerance and generate electricity more efficiently, especially in high temperatures.

Hohde solar power plants consist of all-black panels, which make the solar power plant aesthetically pleasing and inconspicuous when installed on an all-black roof.

  • New, advanced and efficient technology
    The panels feature new n-type HJT technology, which offers a better power output guarantee and higher power with a smaller surface area, resulting in the highest possible conversion efficiency for your solar power plant.
  • Better efficiency in high temperatures
    Hohde power plants maintain their efficiency better than conventional panels in high temperatures exceeding 25°C.
  • Stylish all-black design
    The all-black design of HJT panels is aesthetically pleasing and inconspicuous, especially on a black roof.

Oma Helen helps you get the most out of your solar panels

The Oma Helen app keeps you up-to-date on all of your energy-related affairs. It provides an overview of the information you need on your home’s electricity consumption and the output of your solar panels. For example, it helps you allocate consumption to the hours when your solar panels generate the most electricity.

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