Designated Panels

The prices are valid as from 1 May 2023 until further notice.

Price list

Monthly fees for one Share (Designated Panel;

  • Suvilahti 5,39 € / month
  • Kivikko 5,39 € / month
  • Messukeskus 5,39 € / month
  • Nurmijärvi 5,99 € / month

By paying the monthly fee, the customer receives the production of one panel for their use. The solar power produced by the Designated Panel, i.e. one Share, will reduce the amount of electric energy billed on the basis of the Customer’s Electricity Contract. The price of one Share consists of the monthly fee, less the value of the electricity generated by the Share based on Helen’s Electricity Contract in accordance with the energy price valid at any given time. The basic charge of the Electricity Contract is not included in the reduction.

Sales terms

The Designated Panel is available for the electricity contract customers of Helen Ltd. If the customer does not have a valid electricity contract with Helen, the electricity contract will be agreed on separately. Billing of the Designated Panel takes place in connection with the regular electricity contract.

The contract and prices are valid until further notice. The contract can be cancelled with a period of notice of one month. The contract is subject to the contract terms for the Designated Panels valid at the time.

The prices include value added tax.

The nominal rated output of one Share (Designated Panel) is 285 W in the Suvilahti and Kivikko solar power plants and 315 W in the Messukeskus solar power plant. The estimated annual production of one share is about 230 kWh in Suvilahti and Kivikko and about 280 kWh in Messukeskus.