Kellosaari reserve power plant

The Kellosaari reserve power plant acts as a nationwide disturbance reserve.


The Kellosaari reserve power plant ensures sufficient electricity supply in Finland, especially in Helsinki. The reserve power plant is operated by the national grid company Fingrid. Fingrid will start up the plant in situations where extra capacity is needed in order to maintain national electricity distribution. The power plant operates on light fuel oil.

The plant is used rarely, and only for a short period at a time. To ensure trouble-free operation, a test run of the plant is performed during daytime approximately every six weeks.

The periodic operation of the plant produces some noise, which may cause disturbance to the local residents. However, the plant is operated in the evening and at night-time only when the national power demand so requires.

The plant has been landscaped on the basis of an idea developed by Klaus Aalto in cooperation with the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

  • What: electricity
  • What from: fuel oil
  • Where: in Ruoholahti
  • When: 1974
  • How much: 120 MW
  • Who: Power Plant Manager Jyrki Itkonen, +358 9 617 3510

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