When everything changes – we need trailblazers

We achieve a carbon-neutral future together with our customers and partners by utilising artificial intelligence, data that steers consumption, the smart grid, waste heat and renewable energy sources on land, at sea and in the air. Let’s join forces in making energy even smarter.

Towards a more energy-efficient tomorrow with the aid of data

Data and digitalisation not only enable better services for customers, but they also accelerate the green transition.


A person is browsing the Oma Helen app on their phone

Oma Helen – your key to understanding energy use

Understanding their energy use helps our customers to make sustainable choices and save in their energy bills while also reducing their carbon footprint.

The Oma Helen service offers an extensive amount of data concerning energy usage and provides tools for everyday management of own consumption. In the service, you can monitor the electricity consumption of your household even down to the hourly level or study usage as various time series. The service also offers different useful comparisons based on data, for example, reviewing of consumption variations, say, on a monthly level, or the breakdown of consumption for day and night time.

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Helen employee is showing energy data from a tablet to a customer

Yritys Helen – a solution to knowing your company’s energy use

Yritys Helen is a versatile, handy service that gathers together energy usage data in one place.

With Yritys Helen, business and housing company customers can monitor their energy consumption and understand their energy use better. Customers can, for example, compare district heat consumption year on year. In the service, business and housing company customers will also find their contract details and invoices.

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Helen employee is looking at multiple screens of data

Energy platform of the future as a signpost to carbon neutrality

The utilisation of data and artificial intelligence accelerates the transition towards a distributed energy system where energy is produced from different sources.

As one AI solution, we are building a digital twin of our district heating network, enabling more efficient utilisation of energy flows. That way, in the future, we will be able to predict and optimise energy production, demand, distribution and storage even better than before.

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Let’s join forces in making energy even smarter

For over a century, we have brought light and heat to Helsinki residents. We are known as a trailblazer in the energy sector,
as one of the most reliable energy companies in the world.

Today we are facing the biggest challenge of our history; the entire world needs pioneers to tackle climate change challenges and to implement the green transition. We have one goal. We will be a carbon-neutral energy company in 2030. For the sake of all of us.