Most affordable electricity from your own solar plant

Your company’s own solar power plant is an investment that pays itself back many times over during the course of its lifetime. With the electricity generated by your own solar power plant, the need to purchase electricity from the network is reduced considerably.

Economic benefits

Your own solar power plant reduces the need for a company to purchase electricity from the network. As a result, the company saves in the purchase price of electricity, the distribution fees and in electricity taxes.

When examined over the life cycle of a solar power plant, the electricity produced by your own solar power plant is lower in price than electricity purchased from the network.

As the price of electricity purchased from the network increases, the value of the investment rises. In addition, the solar power plant increases the value of the property and reduces the need for cooling on hot summer days.

    Business and corporation customers 2,000 – 19,999 MWh/year 

    Solar power, business premises, 250 kWp

Turnkey delivery

We take charge of the implementation of the company’s solar power plant from the initial survey all the way to the acceptance inspections. We can also take responsibility for continuous monitoring and maintenance of the plant throughout the lifespan of the solar power plant.

We will tailor the solar power plant to suit the needs of your company: we take account of the requirements of the customers and the property.

It is possible to acquire your own solar power plant with a one-off investment or with a leasing contract.

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Solar power plant as a service

  • A solar power plant owned by Helen is implemented at your property.
  • Easy to set up without investment.    
  • No maintenance charges.   
  • You only pay for the electricity generated by the power plant.
  • Helen buys the surplus solar power generated by the plant.

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Power plant share

  • Solar panels in Helen’s own solar power plants are reserved for your company.   
  • Your company is able to utilise the benefits of solar energy even if it is not possible to build a solar power plant on the property.      
  • The easiest way to increase the responsibility of your company’s operations.

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