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Frequently asked questions about the smart heat distribution centre

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A smart heat distribution centre is a service that includes the replacement of the heat distribution centre and the optimisation of indoor conditions as a service. We deliver, install and commission the new heat distribution centre, recycle the old equipment, service, maintain and monitor the heat distribution centre via a cloud service throughout its life cycle, and take care of any repairs, including spare parts.

We also optimise the indoor conditions of the property with sensors installed in the apartments in order to achieve pleasant living conditions.

Customers can also monitor the functioning of the heat distribution centre and the apartment-specific sensors via the cloud service. We report to the customer about the status of the heat distribution centre and the indoor conditions.

The service also includes the replacement of the heat distribution centre at the end of its life cycle, as and when necessary.

A smart heat distribution centre is a good choice for properties where the heat distribution centre is due to be replaced and for those planning the acquisition of the first heat distribution centre for a new build property.

The service is for people who value

  • An effortless service model
  • Fixed and predictable costs
  • Even indoor temperature
  • Energy efficiency

At the moment, the service is only available in Helsinki.

We are investigating the possibility of extending the service to properties that are smaller than apartment blocks. If you are interested in the service, please contact our experts on the form.

The customer pays a fixed monthly fee for the service. The most typical monthly fee for the service is €200–300 per month depending on the property and its existing heating technology.

The monthly fee is based on the installation and acquisition of the equipment, as well as the service charges, such as maintenance, monitoring, servicing, warranty and reporting costs. With the monthly fee, the customer will have a comprehensive service and our guarantee that the equipment and service will run smoothly.

The monthly fee is determined according to the heating need and output in the customer’s property and the dimensioning of the heating system. These are affected by, e.g. the building volume, year of construction, connection methods of the heating circuit, and the number of floors in the property.

The number of apartments and the basis of maintenance charge distribution have an impact on the distribution of the monthly fee between the shareholders – the more apartments there are, the smaller the apartment-specific monthly fee is. The monthly fee is tied to the Consumer Price Index. The customer is notified of the changes in the Consumer Price Index each year in connection with the bill.

With the service, a housing company will not have to take on an extra loan for a one-off investment when it pays a fixed service fee. The customer is protected against unexpected maintenance and repair costs and loss of service, which also makes the housing company’s work easier. In a one-off investment, the services are not included in the investment cost and the warranty times are short. In addition, in a one-off investment, the customer has to carry out the project planning themselves from start to finish.

Once you choose a smart heat distribution centre, you need not order many different kinds of devices for the monitoring and quality control of the heating system as you will get everything you need.

In our smart distribution centre service, our experts are at the disposal of the customer, the heating technology is in order and the heating is optimised throughout the property at the best level in terms of energy efficiency and living conditions.

The replacement of the heat distribution centre in itself may bring savings in the housing company's heating costs with the introduction of a more modern heat distribution centre with reliable, high-standard and guaranteed components.

The service enables setting of the control curves of the heat distribution centre according to the indoor temperatures in addition to the outdoor temperatures. This will prevent too low or high heating temperatures in the apartments, and it is possible to save energy.

The service also enables the prediction of housing technology measures, such as the need to balance the radiator network. If the regulation of the control curve does not achieve equal temperatures in different apartments, it may be necessary to carry out a balancing and adjustment of the radiator network, which will improve energy efficiency in heating and reduce heating costs.

With the service, the customer can be advised in measures and questions related to energy economy and housing technology using the cloud service in order to ensure efficient operation of the heating system.

The energy transmitted to the customer via the district heating network is highly processed, and district heat as a heating method is known for its energy efficiency in production and distribution – transmission losses are small when energy is transmitted to the customers efficiently from several different sources.

It is important to also promote the energy efficiency of buildings to achieve urban energy systems that are comprehensively energy-efficient. With this service, we can reduce energy losses together with the customer. District heat as an efficient heating method is developing, and the service enables pleasant living conditions for the customer in addition to the security of supply.


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We aim to carry out the installations on the same day, however, it depends on what has been agreed with the housing manager. We may carry out the installation of apartment-specific sensors on a different day than the installation of the actual heat distribution sensor. The housing manager will inform the residents of the time of installing the sensors and agree on it with Helen.

Sensors are installed in about 20–30% of all the apartments in the building, one per apartment. Basically, the sensors are installed in the corner apartments on the top and bottom floors of the building or in apartments that are deemed to be constantly cooler or warmer. The sensors are installed on the wall at a height of about 1.1–1.5 meters from the floor. The apartment sensors measure the temperature and humidity of the apartments.

The residents themselves can have a say with regard to the location of the sensors, but they should be installed in a place where draught or heat from a radiator or other similar issues have no impact on the sensor reading. The sensors are normally attached onto the wall with two-sided tape. If tape attachment is not suitable, it is possible to use other attachment methods as agreed. The sensors are battery-powered, and their measurement data can be monitored via a cloud service. The data transmission of the sensor operates with the modem and data connection located in the heat distribution centre.

With the sensors, the operation of the heat distribution centre can be controlled also according to the indoor temperature in addition to the outdoor temperature. That way, indoor temperature can be taken into account better in the heating controls and the residents have more pleasant indoor conditions.

Yes. The heat distribution centre can be installed and commissioned also in the winter. A suitable time is agreed with the customer.

Heat supply will be interrupted for about 2 to 4 hours during installation.

The first bleeding is carried out after the heat distribution centre has been installed. The smart heat distribution centre includes an automatic air vent valve, and therefore it will not be necessary to bleed the radiators separately in the future.

Yes they can, but any extra work and its costs shall be agreed separately. However, extra devices are normally not required in the service package as the smart heat distribution centre includes all necessary components and accessories.

Contract issues

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The contract is valid until further notice.

The service can be terminated after six months from signing the contract, in which case the customer buys the equipment of the smart heat distribution centre by paying the residual value of the equipment entered in the contract.

The service will transfer to the new owner along with the property, i.e. the new owner will start paying the monthly fee. If the new owner of the property does not want to continue the service, the customer shall buy the equipment of the smart heat distribution centre by paying its residual value.

Easy turnkey solution

No need to worry: we take care of everything from smooth replacement of the devices to the appropriate recycling of the old equipment. The housing company pays an easily budgeted, fixed monthly fee for the service. There are no unexpected or irregular expenses.

Due to the control system of the smart heat distribution centre, changes to the temperature control curve can be done remotely. This enables a rapid response immediately after contacting us. With our service, you can save up to 5% in heating costs.

Extensive, cost-effective service

Our service includes:

  • Acquisition and installation of a smart heat distribution centre and recycling of old equipment
  • Monitoring of functioning, maintenance and repairs of the equipment

Modern solution for properties with district heating

Replacement of a traditional heat distribution centre

The housing company is responsible for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the heat distribution centre.

A successful investment requires detailed planning and expertise. Investing in a heat distribution centre may increase the maintenance charge, and the housing company may also have unexpected and irregular expenses as a result of the replacement and maintenance of the equipment parts.

Smart heat distribution centre brings stability

The housing company will have a smart heat distribution centre installed and maintained for a fixed monthly fee. Predictive maintenance enables rapid detection and repair of fault situations, even before the residents notice them. The selection of a smart heat distribution centre for a new build is made in connection with the acquisition of the district heating connection.

It is advisable to sign a contract on joining the district heating network already in the early stage of the construction project.

Savings in heating costs

If the replacement of the heat distribution centre in your property is currently not planned, we recommend looking into our Kiinteistövahti service. As in a smart heat distribution centre, Kiinteistövahti is based on the utilisation of temperature and humidity data measured in the apartments for the optimisation of heating.

Pleasant conditions throughout the property

By utilising the data collected from the property, we are able to ensure constant heating all year round as long as the heating network is in balance. The service operates imperceptibly under the control of Helen’s experts.

  1. Wireless heat sensors are delivered to the furthest apartments of the property to collect data on the property’s conditions
  2. The heat distribution centre collects data from the heating network and living conditions to be utilised by Helen’s experts in the regulation of the heat distribution centre.
  3. We monitor the operation of the heat distribution centre. We carry out the necessary servicing and repair any faults.