Make savings with the smart heat distribution centre

Save time, effort and money by choosing a smart heat distribution centre as a service for your housing company instead of a traditional heat distribution centre. We take care of everything related to the heat distribution centre throughout its life cycle. We serve both existing properties and new builds.

Intelligent heating for a fixed monthly fee

Replace your heat distribution centre easily without investment

Our service is a turnkey solution: we take care of everything from smooth replacement of the equipment to the appropriate recycling of the old equipment.

Anticipation of costs with monthly fee

The housing company pays an easily budgeted, fixed monthly fee for the service. There are no unexpected or irregular expenses.

Smart savings in heating costs

A smart control system always ensures sufficient heating, using energy as efficiently as possible. Our service enables a saving of up to 5% in heating costs. The smart heat distribution centre maintains a constant temperature throughout the property.

Älykäs lämmönjakokeskus pitää lämpötilan tasaisena koko kiinteistössä.

Extensive, cost-effective services

Our service includes:

  • Acquisition and installation of a smart heat distribution centre and recycling of old equipment
  • Access to the data of the heat distribution centre in the cloud service
  • Monitoring and automatic optimisation of apartment-specific conditions
  • Constant monitoring of the functioning of the equipment, maintenance and repairs and, if necessary, acquisition of new equipment

Prices start from



The number of apartments, the floor area of the building, height of the apartments and the year of construction have an impact on the price.

Please contact us, and we can calculate an offer for your property.

“Helen’s smart heat distribution centre was our choice on grounds of cost. When we got the new equipment as a service, the housing company didn't need to invest any of its own capital.”

Housing Manager Ismo Lahti
ASA-Isännöinti Oy

Asunto Oy Urheilukatu 28 acquired a smart heat distribution centre for its property located in Etu-Töölö in Helsinki.

Asunto Oy Urheilukatu 28 hankki Helsingin Etu-Töölössä sijaitsevaan kiinteistöönsä älykkään lämmönjakokeskuksen.

Modern solution for properties with district heating

In a traditional replacement of a heat distribution centre, the housing company is responsible for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the heat distribution centre.

A successful investment requires detailed planning and special expertise. Investment in a heat distribution centre increases the maintenance charge, and the housing company will also have unexpected and irregular expenses as a result of the replacement and maintenance of the equipment parts.

In our new service, the housing company will have a smart heat distribution centre installed and maintained for a fixed monthly fee.

Predictive maintenance enables detection and repair of fault situations at a short notice, even before the residents even notice it. 

The selection of a smart heat distribution centre for a new building is made in connection with the acquisition of the district heating connection.

It is advisable to sign a contract on joining the district heating network already in the early stage of the construction project.

Pleasant conditions throughout the property

By utilising the data collected from the property, we are able to ensure constant heating all year round. The service is inconspicuous and automatic.

  1.  Wireless heat sensors are installed in the furthest apartments in the property to collect data on the property’s conditions.
  2. The heat distribution centre uses the data for optimising the heating and keeping the temperature at a constant level throughout the property.
  3. We continuously monitor the operation of the heat distribution centre. We carry out necessary servicing and repair any faults.
  4. We provide a regular report to the housing manager about the energy use of the building.

Contact us for more information

Our experts are happy to tell you more about our services. Please contact us on the form below and we can calculate an offer for your property.

Frequently asked questions about the smart heat distribution centre


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