News / 28.3.2019

KSS Energia acquires Suomen Energia-Urakointi Oy

Helen Ltd, Vantaa Energy Ltd and Lahti Energia Oy have decided to sell their shares in Suomen Energia-Urakointi Oy to KSS Energia Oy. The contracting company will continue its operations as a subsidiary of KSS Energia from the beginning of May.

 Established in 1998, Suomen Energia-Urakointi Oy is a service company specialised in electronic community technology, providing design, installation, operation and data transmission services in networks and equipment related to electricity transmission, distribution and use in Southern Finland, especially in the Helsinki region and in Lahti. The company’s turnover in 2018 amounted to EUR 33.8 million. It employs 145 energy experts. The company is located in Helsinki, Espoo and Lahti.  

At the present time, the KSS Energia Group includes network construction company KSS Rakennus Oy, which carries out technical infrastructure solutions by building, maintaining and servicing electricity, heat and data transmission networks. The company also builds and maintains street and road lighting.  

The network construction business of KSS Energia has developed steadily, and it operates profitably and is seeking growth for its operations in accordance with its strategy. Company acquisitions that support these targets are part of the growth strategy. Suomen Energia-Urakointi is a great addition to the range of services offered by KSS Energia, strengthening its market position in the Helsinki region. KSS Energia aims to develop the new subsidiary’s business operations as part of the Group’s network construction business.

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