Heating and cooling plant was selected for the peak load capacity system

In February, Finland's largest heating and cooling plant was selected to be part of the national peak load capacity system. Helen is taking part in safeguarding sufficient electricity supplies in the entire country with the Katri Vala heating and cooling plant.

The most sustainable brand among energy companies

Finnish people regard Helen as the most sustainable brand among energy companies according to the largest survey in the Nordic countries concerning citizens' views on the responsibility of well-known brands. At Helen, sustainability has been integrated into all operations: development of production, product and service development, customer service, sales, marketing, and communications.

Katri Valan lämpöpumppulaitos
Kalasataman sähköasema, havainnekuva: Arkkitehtitoimisto Virkkunen & Co.

New substation for Kalasatama

Helen Sähköverkko is building a substation in Kalasatama to strengthen electricity distribution in nearby areas and to improve the security of electricity supply. The city is developing in Kalasatama, Sörnäistenniemi and Sompasaari, and electricity consumption in these areas is increasing. The construction of a new section of the underground distribution network is also ongoing in the area.

Electricity storage for commercial use

Helen is the first company in Finland to offer electricity storage services to enterprises. Cooperation in electricity storage with the City of Helsinki Environment Centre was launched in May.

Helen awarded for its long-term energy efficiency work

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Energy Authority and Motiva awarded Helen with a recognition for its excellent energy-efficiency work.

Our most notable achievement in energy efficiency during the period 2008–2016 was the Katri Vala heating and cooling plant that enables efficient utilisation of excess heat and recycled heat.

Five solutions for a climate neutral future

At its Environment Day, Helen presented solutions for a climate-neutral future: participation of city residents, recycling of excess heat, flexibility, and moving away from fossil fuels. Renewable energy production needs an increasing amount of space. Investment in research, training and development is needed in the field in order to create new innovations.

Tulevaisuuden energiantuottajat
Suomen ensimmäinen V2G-latauspiste.

Finland's first two-way charging point was opened

In September, we opened Finland's first two-way charging point in the Suvilahti district of Helsinki in connection with Helen's solar power plant and electricity storage facility. The V2G (vehicle-to-grid) charging point enables not only charging of electric vehicles, but also using them as an electricity storage unit and taking part in the balancing of the electricity system.

Esplanade underground cooling centre was under construction

Helen's new, industrial-scale heat pumps arrived in Finland by ship from France in September, and they were transported to the Esplanade underground cooling centre for installation. Helen is building a new heating and cooling plant in the cooling cavern located under the Esplanade Park. The plant consists of two large heat pumps that produce cooling and heat. These pumps help to utilise excess heat even more efficiently than before.

More solar power

We delivered solar power plants, e.g. to Allas Sea Pool and Etola, and we signed a contract on a solar power plant with Jounin Kauppa. After the completion of the solar power plant, Allas Sea Pool will be run almost fully on renewable energ

Heat production started in new pellet-fired heating plant

The first wood pellets were ignited at Helen's new pellet-fired heating plant in Salmisaari in Helsinki in October. Round-the-clock heat production with pellets started in November. Even during the trial run, the plant produced substantial amounts of renewable district heat for Helsinki residents. The pellet-fired heating plant is a significant project to increase renewable energy in Helen's energy production.

Allas Sea Poolin aurinkovoimala
Mustikkamaan lämpövarasto

Helen launched Demand Response service for electricity consumption by companies

Helen started to offer companies the Demand Response service that can save them hundreds of thousands of euros per year. Thanks to Helen's demand response service, the search engine company Yandex gained a 5–10 per cent saving in electrical energy costs at its data centre in Mäntsälä.

Planning of Finland's largest energy storage facility was started

We started the planning of Finland's largest energy storage facility in disused underground oil caverns in Mustikkamaa deep in the bedrock of Helsinki. The storage facility would accommodate over 40 times as much hot water as the amount of water in the pools at the Helsinki Swimming Stadium.